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Gains an essential edge in the competitive online market and becomes accessible to millions of US citizens.


Send and receive payments electronically to and from bank accounts through the Automated clearing house without having to send or receive a paper check.

Better Business

This provides an additional option of payment to your customers. A lot of customers do not wish to use a credit card for payment, or do not have a credit card to provide. Offer payment alternatives to customers without credit cards.

Unlike knowing when a paper check might clear a customer’s bank account, with ACH you will be able to indicate which date you want to be the effective debit/credit date from a customer’s account. Transactions uploaded today can have the effective debit date of tomorrow. We offer late batch cut off times as well as same day for debits and credits.

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Credit Card

In order to support your business, XPress accepts mutiple branded credit cards, in depth transaction reporting, and advanced transaction security. Through this approach, XPress Processing successfully reduces the occurrence of chargebacks, safeguarding your business, and strengthening your relationship with credit card providers.

Fast, easy, secure

XPress Processing takes a unique approach to credit card payments, focusing on real time processing, cardholder security and online fraud prevention.

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XPress RTP


XPress Processing is excited to announce our latest and greatest payment method to date.


The XPress RTP network provides both consumers and businesses with the ability to conveniently send payments directly from their accounts at federally insured depository institutions 24/7, and to receive and access funds sent to them over the network immediately. The XPress RTP network represents a new phase of evolution within the U.S. payments industry and provides a platform for product innovation.


Customers of the XPress RTP network, are able to initiate payments from their existing bank accounts. There is no need to create an external account elsewhere.

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Hosted Checkout


Quick and easy integration with your current store.

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Modern Technology

We are creating an architectural backend by using modern technology to its fullest potential, which is rarely seen in this industry.
With scalability in mind, we make use of fault tolerance, high availability, and multi region presence.


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