Why Choose ACH

This provides an additional payment option to your customers. A lot of customers do not wish to use a credit card for payment, or do not have a credit card to provide.

  • Simple and easy to use hosted checkout
  • Advanced fraud reducing system
  • Real time transaction submission
  • Easy to use backoffice
  • Increase sales by simply adding ACH
  • Multiple user access to backoffice
  • Clients feel secure paying directly out
  • Recurring payments available
  • Daily settlements
  • Technical support available
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The Reach of ACH

By offering ACH payments, your company gains an essential edge in the competitive online market and becomes accessible to millions of Americans.

Automated Clearing House

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Send and receive payments electronically to and from bank accounts through the Automated Clearing House without having to send or receive a paper check. Unlike knowing when a paper check might clear a customer’s bank account, with ACH you will be able to indicate which date you want to be the effective debit/credit date from a customer’s account.

Transactions uploaded today can have the effective debit date of tomorrow, we offer late batch cut off times.

We also offer same day for debits and credits.

  • Diversify payment options to attract more customers
  • Offer payment alternatives to customers without credit cards
  • Quicker access to funds (able to collect funds from customers faster)
  • Lower risk for returns (assists in avoiding insufficient funds returns at the time of payment)
  • Improving your payment collection success rate
  • Improve working capital and cash flow management
  • Decrease collection risk
  • Accommodate late payments from customers
  • Expedited payments to your vendors at a reduced cost
  • Decrease processing/payment cycle for invoices

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