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With our proprietary in-house built software, XPress allows you to integrate with a single API and each service thereafter is a simple add-on.

What We Offer

Hosted Checkout

Nothing is more simple than setting up our hosted checkout!

PCI Compliance

Contributing to a global payment card data security solution.

Fraud Prevention

With our understanding of the many potential risks of fraud, we have a system refined to sniff out any unwelcome fraudsters.

Transaction Reporting

Receive real time statistics and transaction information through your convenient merchant back-end.

REST API Integration


With our rest api you will be securely, and effeciently serving your customers.

Simple Documentation

With our straightforward documentation your developers will thank you.

Hosted Checkout

Quick to Launch!

  • Rapid response time
  • Enhanced security

Easy to Expand & Scale

Our platform can easily accommodate the increased transaction volume

All the server resources are handled by us

Reliable & Supportive Team

There is no need for you to worry about the security; we handle it all

Built For Speed

With cloud computing customers will be plesantly suprised with a swift response.

Enhanced Security

  • Card security for our customers
  • Payment information security
  • You will not receive any sensitive information, so there is less risk on your end

Less Merchant Liability

As we handle all of the information you can have piece of mind regarding what data passes through your system.


All businesses dealing with the storage, processing or transmission of cardholder data are required by credit card companies to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. These security standards govern compliance with 12 standards that cover network security, protection of stored cardholder data, safeguarding against system vulnerabilities, having in place strong access controls to data, network testing and policies on information security.

For more information, please contact us and/or visit the PCI Security Standards Council website at pcisecuritystandards.org2


Our goal

At XPress Processing, it is our goal to provide unrivalled payment security to merchants in the eCommerce industry. Through a series of sophisticated fraud controls, XPress Processing successfully minimizes fraudulent transactions, while greatly lessening the occurrence of chargebacks and unauthorized payments.

Due to our time in this industry we have accumulated decades worth of knowledge on how fraudsters try to take advantage of your clients. With this experience we know what to look for in order to detect any new threats as they happen.

How we do it

XPress assists with bad customer & fraud prevention with a tool called The Vault, which we have developed and directly integrates into the gateway to more thoroughly analyze and mitigate potential misuse. The vault makes use of machine learning to determine the risk factor/probability by means of analyzing large sets of data and data points. This algorithm creates a risk score (XVS).

From there we can use this information to determine (real time) if that transaction is fraudulent. Not only does it determine fraudulent activity, but also creates a scoring system based on risk, in which business rules can be brought into place to only accept transactions which do not cross a certain threshold of risk probability. The Vault uses many different metrics to determine or contribute to the risk score.


Receive real time statistics and transaction information through your convenient merchant back-end XPress Processing’s proprietary reporting interface provides merchants with real time information across all their account, cardholder and processing activity. With configurable functionality to suit your needs, XPress Processing provides you with a vast selection of online reports, including transaction statistics, sales, refund and fee reports, chargeback reports, full transaction listings, calendar activity and more.

In addition to transaction reporting, all merchants are provided with account management abilities through XPress Processing’s robust Merchant Backend Accounting. Here merchants can search for individual transactions, set user permissions, process manual payments (MOTO), issue refunds, view payment ledgers and view the status of their rolling reserve.

XPress Processing’s reporting system ensures that merchants remain fully aware of their transaction data, accounting and customer service issues at all times. Other convenient administrative tools include:

  • Detailed sales And statement reporting
  • Detailed transaction finders
  • MOTO Terminal for manual payments
  • Extensive customer service functions, live in-house verification department that communicates with each and every customer prior to processing a payment.
  • Friendly staff that is available at any given time through multiple means of communication.

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