complimentary MOTO Terminal with your account!


Process Credit Card Payments Manually To Accept Phone, Fax And Mail Orders

All XPress Processing merchants receive a complimentary MOTO Terminal with their XPress Processing online account. A MOTO Terminal (also known as a Virtual Terminal) is a browser-based interface that provides merchants with the functionality and connectivity to manually process credit card payments.

With your MOTO Terminal, you can accept credit card payments from any computer worldwide with an active internet connection. This interface provides real time processing and payment approval, and ensures all credit card payments submitted are fraud-checked and authorized by XPress Processing’s advanced fraud prevention system.

With free access to this MOTO Facility, your ecommerce business is able to accept both online and offline transactions securely, with an inbuilt automatic approval receipt system, to provide immediate verification to your customers.

Benefits Of A MOTO Terminal

  • Accept Fax, Phone And Mail Order Purchases
  • Process Payments Instantly From Anywhere In The World
  • Accept Payments At Meetings And Events With A Wireless Device
  • Enable Your Call Center To Accept Payments Over The Phone
  • View Real Time Fully Integrated Online Statistics
  • Provide Alternative Payment Options To Customers Who Do Not Wish To Pay Online : The customer can verbally give their “Credit Card #, Checking Account # to the merchant over the phone rather than entering that information online via the web site. The customer can fill out a “Mail Order” which will contain your CC#/Checking Account # that will be mailed back to the merchant.