Recuring Payments

Provide subscription products and services with the ease of once-off sales
//Recuring Payments

Recurring Payments

Collect Installment And Subscription Payments Easily With XPress Processing’s Recurring Billing

With XPress Processing’s recurring billing services, you can sell more products online, to more customers – faster.

By offering recurring billing, you can provide subscription products and services with the ease of once-off sales. Recurring billing can also be used to establish installment plans for expensive products, giving your customers payment flexibility and increasing your occurrence of high end sales.

With recurring billing, your customers can use a payment method that is instantly affordable, regardless of the total purchase price of your products. Instant affordability increases the market of subscription and expensive goods, leading to wider product adoption and higher online sales. Additionally, your business can receive an increased annual income, by collecting a higher price on goods, in exchange for your recurring payment services. In this way, your business can charge higher purchase prices, in exchange for the cost of offering credit.

By using the recurring billing system, you can also offer Lay-By alternatives to your customers – allowing them to order purchase items, and pay them off over a set period of time before you send their shipment.